2017 annual report & portfolio update 

two years  |  $33 Million  |  62 Investments

When Impact Foundation started, our plan was simple: serve people who ask for help investing charitable capital in companies that seeks to make the world a better place. In 2015, what we called “our red shirt year”, that was the extent of our vision. 

As we’ve added investments, we have also added to our understanding of what it means to steward this idea of Kingdom Impact Investing. 

We have seen amazing enterprises run by talented, committed entrepreneurs that are intentionally seeking positive social, spiritual, and/or environmental transformation. Not merely aspirational in their intended impact, the enterprises that we invest in have specific plans for how to achieve these goals.

We are inspired by these entrepreneurs and by our donor-investors. It is their commitment to finding the very best ways to steward capital — intellectual, social & financial — that has propelled our launch.

Read their stories and discover more about Kingdom Impact Investing in these pages.


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