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willpower to transform society

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Jeff Johns

CEO, Co-Founder

Previous: 12 years in charge of network expansion at National Christian Foundation

Family: Married to Jacqlyn with 3 kids

School: Duke University, undergrad. University of Texas, MBA.

Aimee Minnich

CIO, General Counsel, co-founder

Previous: President of the largest affiliate of National Christian Foundation

Family: Married to Marshall with 3 children

School: Rockhurst University, undergrad in philosophy; University of Kansas, J.D. with honors



Ralph VEerman 

Senior Advisor

Previous:  SVP of Prison Fellowship USA and President of Ligonier Ministries.  For 30 years, owner of Veerman & Associates serving leading philanthropic families including: Maclellan Foundation, Templeton Foundation, Seneff Family Office, Segel Giving Fund, Fieldstead Company and Heart of the City Foundation.

Family: Married to Lynne with four children and ten grandchildren.  

School: Bachelor's, Wheaton College.  University of Illinois, Chicago, Master's in Social Work and Master's in Criminal Justice. 

Steve Doerr


Previous: Executive with ExxonMobil

Family: Married to Kim with two children

School: University of Indiana, BS Accounting. University of South Carolina, Masters in International Business Studies.



Beverly Lathrop

Operations manager

Specialty: organizing chaos (e.g., keeping up with Jeff and Aimee)

Previous: Executive Assistant at National Christian Foundation

Family: 2 amazing, grown children



Greg Lernihan

Board chair

Specialty: investing in impact companies and mentoring entrepreneurs 

Previous: Co-founder of Convergint Technologies

Family: Married to Marybeth, 3 children, increasing # of grandchildren

David Wills

Board member

Specialty: strategy for growing Christian nonprofits

Day job: Executive with National Christian Foundation

Family: Married with 7 children 



Jonathan Harrison

Board member

Specialty: helping families make an impact in their world at the intersection of philanthropy and entrepreneurship

Day job: financial planner

Family: married with 3 kids 

Craig & April Chapman

Board members

Specialties: Technology, management, strategy, generosity

Previous: Executives with Microsoft; Craig co-founded INRIX

Family: 4 children  



A new narrative for business and charity

It's time for a new narrative about the roles of business and philanthropy. It's no longer true enough to say business makes money and charity does good. Entrepreneurial donors are beginning to wonder if business with purpose can accomplish more good than charity alone. 

Business plays a critical role, not just in creating financial value, but in adding to human flourishing (see advances in communication, technology, sanitation, and healthcare).

If business is meant for good, then it follows that charity may be meant for financial profitability as well.

The new narrative calls for bringing together the best of business and the best of charity to accomplish a mission, regardless of the legal form the entity takes (nonprofit, LLC, partnership, etc.). This is not just a moral imperative, but we see through case studies and recent benchmarking surveys that it’s good for business as well.


Our Story

In our first 18 months, we have placed more than $30Million in 50+ Impact Companies. We don't claim this success as our own, though. Impact Foundation has its roots in the generosity movement. You see, our founding team met while working with the National Christian Foundation helping givers simplify and maximize their charitable gifts. Those roots mean we are committed to two key ideas.

First, God doesn't need our money, but in His kindness He allows us to participate in His work in the world. The means of our participation is generosity, simply another word for surrender. When we surrender ourselves--our finances, skills and talents, reputation, connections, indeed our very lives--to God for His work, 

He infuses them with His grace and accomplishes through us immeasurably more than all we could ask think or imagine. It's a thrill and a gift. That's why we can confidently say 'it's better to give than to receive.' 

Second, we want to see the Kingdom of God advance so that the lost are found, the hungry are fed, the orphan housed, justice carried out, and on and on. That means we as Christians are called to be smart, shrewd as a fox, in how we deploy our capital to accomplish good in the world. We need to research, measure, pray, learn what works and what doesn't, shift our methodologies, and pray some more. Philanthropy is fun, but it's also hard work. 

The search for better ways to accomplish good in the world led us to the creation of the Impact Foundation. 


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core values


We can accomplish nothing of lasting worth in our own effort. Abiding in Christ, through classic spiritual disciplines regularly practiced alone and together, we can understand our work better, become better team members, and ultimately influence the world around us for His glory. John 15: 1-8


Duh. I feel like this shouldn't need an explanation. Doesn't every business exist to serve customers well? For us, focusing on our customers means (1) knowing who is and who is not our customer, (2) listening to their needs, (3) responding nimbly to solve problems and deliver results that our customers desire. 


We believe God owns everything and we are stewards who will one day be called to account for how we've handled our relationships, talent, financial resources, and time. Consequently, we want to be open-handed with those things, sharing and partnering wherever possible.