Check the map and turn around

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I love to run, but sometimes I get bored with the same routes. Yesterday I drove to the edge of the city and headed out for a long run with my favorite running partner, Virginia the dog. I had my phone and had glanced briefly at the trail map online, so I wasn't worried. It was a perfect day--slightly warm, sunny, and the trails were soft but not too muddy. Virginia and I were having a blast. It was easy to follow the trail and I quickly found my "zone".

Forty minutes later and I began to wonder why the trail didn't seem to be looping back like I'd expected. I ran a few more steps and realized, "this is stupid, if I've gotten off the right trail, continuing to run this direction will do me no good." I checked the map and sure enough, I'd missed my turn 10 minutes back. A quick left turn down a country road and two miles later, I was back on track. Thank you Google Maps. 

Like me, many charities need to pause, look at a map, and see if their current route will get them to their goal. It’s time to do something different. The economic, social, and demographic pressures facing charities will require them to investigate and invest in Ministry Enterprise as a significant source of revenue. Find out more at The Profitable Charity page.