Why I left a job I love to start from scratch

If someone would have told me 9 months ago that I would have left my job to start a new foundation, I wouldn’t have believed it. Working for National Christian Foundation Heartland was the best job I could have imagined. I loved helping generous donors give money to awesome charities. I loved working with the coolest team on the planet—talented, dedicated, hilarious people. 

And yet here I am...I’ve left the safety of that great job to dedicate myself to a great big idea: business+purpose has the power to do what charity alone cannot.

I am becoming convinced, along with smart people at the Rockefeller Foundation, Forbes and elsewhere, that the future of change-making (i.e., philanthropy) includes revenue generation.

That idea has driven the formation of Impact Investing Foundation. We exist to promote better philanthropy and to facilitate charitable investments in companies that seek social and eternal returns along with financial profit.

I certainly miss the people and mission of the National Christian Foundation, but it’s been a blast to watch the ideas come together. Plus I get to work with new amazing people with awesome companies—pig farms in Laos, an Austin video game company that tells bible stories in their games, a Silicon Valley startup prayer app, a business incubator in Afghanistan, heart transplants in Iraq, a home health company with a ministry heart in Florida, and on and on.

It’s not the typical path, but I’m so glad to be along for the ride. Want to join the adventure? Subscribe to our newsletter.

Aimee MinnichComment