Does the Christian Church still care about injustice?

“Many think the church has fallen asleep or has ignored the least of us”…

I read these words printed in the session description at the Council on Foundation’s annual meeting and my heart sank. Some of the smartest, most dedicated leaders in philanthropy were meeting at 3:30 on Monday at San Fransisco’s Marriot Marquis to discuss whether the Christian church still cares about injustice.

And that question makes me want to scream.

Not that I’m upset with the people asking the question. Rather, I’m mad that they need to ask it in the first place. 

I know for certain that people who call themselves followers of Jesus care about His children. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the weeping and praying of His people over injustice. I know people who give 50%, 75%, 90% of their wealth to charity. I have worked in the generosity movement for 6 years. I’ve helped facilitate hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to education, evangelism, discipleship, the fight against sex trafficking, orphan care and prevention, eradicating poverty, preservation of life, and on and on.

So why is the question on the table?

Is it simply that we Christians have a different definition of ‘injustice’ than those asking the question? Eh, maybe. Is it that we’re being held to a higher standard? Probably. Or is there something else going on as well? Are we losing ground because our methodology of problem-solving (i.e., charity) needs some tweaking?

I certainly don’t have the answers, but I would like to engage in the conversation.

If you’d like to join the discussion as well, I have two invitations for you:  

1.     Sign up for our newsletter at to explore ways we can improve the efficacy of our charity; and 

2.     Join others from Kansas City on May 7th to find out what is going on in our city and how you can join others in the fight against injustice. More details here

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