Joining people "from the other side"

It’s only been ten minutes, I thought, and people are getting jittery. We had invited leaders in business and in ministry to a discussion so we could sit around the same table and talk about the future. Almost immediately the topic of discussion moved to collaboration between business and ministry leaders. What transpired over the course of the afternoon was a lively volley amongst the attendees.

“Profit and competition aren’t curse words.”

“But coming from a ministry background …”

“Why would you ever settle for break-even when you could be making a profit?”

“Mission can’t take a backseat to the profit motive…”

“But if ministry-minded nonprofits aren’t sufficiently motivated to make money they are unlikely to succeed…”

As each one began to share his or her experiences, one takeaway became clear: whether coming from the business world, the ministry world, or both, everyone was frustrated! Communication between the two was difficult, to say the least. A week later we led another roundtable discussion to hear from others in business and ministry, and more than anything that meeting again confirmed:  there’s a rift and we need to do something about it.

If we want to make real and lasting impact in the world for Christ, then we need to bring the best of business disciplines and execution together with the best of ministry's passionate pursuit of a vision. 

Impact Investing Foundation helps bridge the gap, whether real or perceived, between business and ministry. We exist to accelerate impact and build sustainable transformation. Get started today at The Profitable Charity