Kidpreneurs and the Power of Banana Leaf Futbols


Doing good doesn't have to be complicated. Just ask any kid, especially 9-year-old James and 12-year-old Jack, sons of a friend of mine.

Through family, the boys met Father Vincent Kajoba who was visiting from Mityana, Uganda.  He shared pictures and videos of the young boys in from his village playing soccer/futbol with balls made from the leaves of banana trees. 

They wanted to share their love of the sport and do something to help their Ugandan friends. They started telling their story and selling the banana leaf balls to their friends and family throughout Kansas City. The first shipment sold out immediately, and every few months a new shipment arrives.

100% of the proceeds are sent back to Uganda and used to build and maintain a Tilapia pond, providing a rich protein source for the boys and their families.  The next project is to establish bee colonies so the village can harvest and sell honey.

From soccer balls in Missouri, USA to tilapia in Mityana, Uganda, a simple Impact Company was born. 

We could talk about how long this arrangement will last or debate whether there is a better way to transform the Mityana community, but we'd be missing the really important message of this story. These kids didn't wait to perfect their business plan and marketing material, but forged ahead to do what they could with what they had. Most important, boys on both sides of the supply chain got to experience a small taste of working together for a cause bigger than oneself. And that's the real power of impact investing.

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