Big News: Feds Okay Impact Investing for Pension Funds


 I don't normally consider the actions of the Department of Labor to have much bearing on my life, but today is different. This article in the Huffington Post explains the issue in much greater detail than I ever could. But for those of you who want the high level overview, I'll summarize: the people responsible for investing money on behalf of pension plans may now consider impact as a factor in their decisions without facing repercussions from the Department of Labor.   

My favorite line from the DOL Secretary Tom Perez's comments: "Today, we finally catch up to the breathtaking change we've seen in this space over the last few decades." They've recognized the data that suggest investing for impact does not require sacrificing financial return. 

Yay for happy news on a Friday. Now let's hope from great news for the Royals in tonight's Game 6 of the ALCS. 

Aimee MinnichComment