A Field Guide for Charities Adding Earned-Income

I never wanted to write a book. But after serving with the nonprofit that launched iDonate and a few other businesses, I've been asked to help other charities with their business ideas. Patterns emerged and I realized it would be really handy to have a short book to encapsulate the key learnings from consulting with these organizations. 

After years of work, the official edition of "The Profitable Charity" is available on Amazon. It's written as a short (61 pages) field guide for leaders and board members of nonprofits. 

Here's a synopsis: 

Donors and nonprofit leaders are hungry for better ways to accomplish the change they seek. Charity is essential, but it’s simply not enough. Enter Charity Enterprise with the power to build revenue and accelerate your organization’s impact. 

This book provides the tools you need to get started. You’ll learn: 

- Why traditional charity cannot be the only solution to human suffering

- Why changing donor demographics are making fundraising harder, necessitating a change in how charities fund their mission

- What Charity Enterprise is, and is not

- How to create sustainable revenue in a charity or nonprofit context

- How others are impacting communities with Charity Enterprise

Some people have been nice enough to say kind things about the book: 

"In my experience working with global business and nonprofits, Charity Enterprise has been quietly changing lives and communities. Every nonprofit leader should read this book."

- Tami Heim, President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

Aimee Minnich challenges us to rethink what it means to be socially minded and empowering in our ministry endeavors. This book will move you to unleash innovation and creativity in addressing your ministry mission. I believe Minnich’s ideas will fire the imagination of those who read it and inspire a new kind of ministry effort that will not only change lives but also generate the revenue to sustain the ongoing mission. 

- Mike King, President/CEO of Youthfront and Senior Advisor at Museum of the Bible

I'm really grateful for help and inspiration from Bill High, Lindsay Donaldson, and Mike Loomis. Each of you guys is amazing in totally different ways. 

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