Impact Company Spotlight: Co.tribute Simplifies Company Generosity

Co.tribute, led by Philip Paul, is reimagining corporate social responsibility. After 2+ decades of leading successful technology companies, Philip decided to turn his attention and talents to building companies that would exponentially influence the world for good. For their debut initiative, Philip and his team have built a clean, dynamic platform that allows employees and vendors to participate easily in a company's philanthropy. Co.tribute facilitates corporate matching programs and gives employees a “Giving Fund” experience while simplifying the giving process for busy company leadership.

To give participants assurance that donations will go to reputable causes, Co.tribute provides a thoroughly researched set of charity partners as potential grant recipients. Its dashboard provides visibility into the programs and organizations funded with company donations. Periodic photos and stories from charity partners drive engagement and excitement as everyone can see the impact of their giving decisions.

Co.tribute is gaining fans quickly. Says Brad Formsma of I Like Giving: 

"Co.tribute is redefining corporate philanthropy. The days of black hole giving are gone, and we are coming into an age of employee and client engaged giving, resulting in measurable impact and real business benefits."

Company owners with a heart for generosity are raving about the shift Co.tribute has made in employee morale. 

Impact Investing Foundation is excited to count Co.tribute among our first investments as it typifies triple bottom-line impact. The financial model is strong and the proven team with decades of execution experience has built a scalable, mature product. Plus the company has strong social impact with 9X charitable donations raised for each $ of revenue.

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Aimee MinnichComment