Impacting Lives through Agriculture: AgGrandize Global

Approximately 500 million smallholder farmers in the developing world operate farms under 13 acres. They play an outsized role in reaching the U.N. Sustainable development goal of zero hunger. It is estimated that these smallholder farms operate on 12% of the world's agricultural land and produce 80% of the food consumed in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. And yet, these farmers often lack the training and access to resources to optimize their land. According to the World Bank there is a $200 billion shortfall to fund the current financial needs of farmers in developing/frontier countries.

AgGrandize Global works to meet these needs through partnerships worldwide. The AGG team serves two distinct, but interdependent customers.

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Agronomic Expertise for Farmers. The AgGrandize team of experts works directly with a farmer to help manage his or her crops throughout the growing season. Engagement at this level yields a higher success rate both for the farmer and the investor.

Better Opportunities for Impact Investors:  By working in such close partnership with local farmers, AGG finds opportunities for investment—to facilitate purchase of feed or machinery, for example—and presents the best ones to investors. These investments enable local farmers and operators to compete and provide for their local markets. 

Sample Investment

AgGrandize Global’s recent offering with an ag business in Eastern Europe provides a great example of the creative opportunities the company can source. They’re providing a revolving line of credit with a lower APR that what is commercially available in the region.

Through a local representative on the ground in Eastern Europe, AGG reviews key loan ratio’s, audits financials annually, and collects, track & distribute interest earned. In addition to these services for investors, AGG provides strategic and tactical expertise for the farming community.