White Paper: Maclellan Foundation Embraces Impact Investing

In conjunction with Maclellan Foundation, we've written a white paper to serve as an introductory guide to impact investing. A snippet of the article is below. To read and download the entire paper, go here

Over the past 30 years, The Maclellan Foundation has been a leader in the global generosity movement. The foundation has focused its grant-making on establishing and strengthening the church, promoting discipleship and leadership development, sparking community transformation, and increasing access to Scripture.

Maclellan continually seeks to maximize the use of foundation assets. In recent years, next generation board members have been promoting the idea of impact investing – using the foundation’s corpus to make social and spiritual impact while receiving financial returns. Since its initial impact investment in 2013, Maclellan has steadily increased its allocation of funds to what it calls “mission related investing”. To date they have reviewed 250 potential deals and made over 20 investments.

When asked why the Foundation has come to embrace a practice it once avoided, the answer is clear: activating the endowment for investments that directly advance the mission accomplishes more Kingdom good. In effect, the same money can be used over and over again to accomplish programmatic goals. First, through the investment itself and, second, when profits return and can be granted to charities. Think of it as compounding impact.

Aimee MinnichComment