Olive Tree Investments and Impact Foundation Join Forces

Some of our more devoted followers may have noticed that some months ago Impact Foundation and Olive Tree Investments joined forces. If you haven't noticed, or are curious about the combination, this blog is for you.

It’s a natural fit as both groups put charitable capital to work in enterprises that seek measurable social and kingdom transformation while earning money. Impact Foundation offers donors a flexible tool for charitable investment, while Olive Tree searches the globe for the best transformative businesses in emerging markets. 

Bringing our teams together provides a seamless flow from donor/investor to Impact Company. Donors/investors benefit from access to more investment opportunities delivering Kingdom Impact and companies benefit from access to like-minded capital.

We all want to see kingdom impact investments fund businesses that care for the poor in the name of Christ. To date, we have invested together in three companies, with another handful close behind. Read about some of the investments below or find out more at olivetreeinvestments.org.

More about David Simms, Managing Director of Olive Tree

Before starting Olive Tree Investments, David served as president of Opportunity U.S., a global microfinance organization serving 12 million clients. He has chaired the U.S., Global, and MicroEnsure boards over decades of involvement with Opportunity— from when it served fewer than 1,000 families.

David’s career spans executive roles in financial services, management consulting, government, and nonprofits. He has served as a Partner with Bridgespan, S.E.V.P. at MBNA America, CEO of the American Red Cross Washington/Baltimore Blood Services Region, and a White House Fellow. David started his career at Bain. 

He holds an MBA and a JD from Harvard and has earned two bachelors degrees in economics and applied science from Penn, graduating summa cum laude.

David and Kim celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary in October. They live in suburban Philadelphia and have two wonderful adult sons, Stephen and Ryan. 

Dignity Coconuts

Photo by  Eddie Kopp  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

Dignity's business was born out of a conviction to help communities overcome cycles of poverty and slavery. Not with a handout, but with a sustainable business that will bring lasting hope and change to communities. Using coconuts to transform an entire community.

Dignity makes the most pure and delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold. They don't heat it. They don't refine it. Their unique raw method gives you every bit of healthy goodness.

Sunshine Nuts

Sunshine Nut's mission is to transform the lives of the poor and orphaned in Africa through the development of a profitable cashew processing and distribution business that delivers exploited local growers a fair market for their product.

The quadruple-bottom-line Sunshine Approach was developed in 2009 to achieve financial, environmental, social, and spiritual gains. The purpose is to develop a market for the smallholder farmer communities, employing individuals who were abandoned or orphaned. Sunshine produces a premium line of cashews, that are extremely fresh and of the highest quality.