Spiritual Sleep Therapy


I've spent many sleepless nights praying and wishing I could just get some rest. Recently we met Gary Brown, CEO of Spiritual Sleep Therapy and I wanted to share his story on our blog. Here it is in his words.


One third of Americans (82M people) struggle with insomnia and 15% (36M+) struggle every night, two-thirds of whom are women. Google “Insomnia is hell” and you’ll get millions of hits.

Spiritual Sleep Therapy (SST) is the first company to produce sleep sessions that use the most effective elements of cognitive behavioral therapy relaxation techniques combined with the power of God’s Word to help those who struggle with insomnia gently relax into peaceful sleep. The combination of Christian principles based solidly on Scripture and proven relaxation techniques becomes a powerful tool for dealing with insomnia. And no wonder. Truly trusting God in an area of your life results in peace and peace is integral to drifting off to sleep.

Spiritual Sleep Therapy is developing a library of sleep sessions in the categories of Anxieties, Addictions, Growing In Christ and Exploring Faith (sleep sessions for non-Christians). With hundreds of sleep sessions, SST will help millions of subscribers worldwide mature in Christ, overcome anxiety and sleep peacefully. Sleep sessions, organized by topic, will enable listeners to apply God’s word to whatever anxiety, addiction or issue is keeping them awake at night. Delivered through a free mobile app, the listener will always be able to listen to a couple of free sleep session. An unlimited subscription to the sleep session library will cost $4.99/mo.

SST will impact the world. Since insomnia is pervasive worldwide, SST will offer sleep sessions in a variety of languages. International ecommerce is commonplace and the cost of delivery of a streaming audio sleep session anywhere in the world is almost zero. 

SST is a company built on generosity. One key objective is to pour millions of dollar back into ministries that are changing the world. Ministries that promote SST to their members will receive 50% of the subscription revenue generated by their members.

Spiritual Sleep Therapy is raising a round of financing to help accelerate growth. Potential investors might be drawn by: 

  • A proven need, an enormous available market and a profitable ROI
  • Millions of people worldwide apply Biblical principles each night to strengthen their faith and relax themselves to sleep
  • Tens of thousands will receive Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Ministries receive new funding to expand their outreach

Want to try the Spiritual Sleep Therapy app on your phone now? You can! Since we are in the pre-launch phase, our app not available except by special request. If you want to try it, contact us (gary @ spiritualsleeptherapy.com) and we’ll provide the instructions so you can experience it yourself...and get a really good night's sleep.