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My Journey to Kingdom Impact Investing Through Microfinance

In the spring of 1984 my wife and I were standing in a field in Guatemala on an insight trip led by Opportunity International. I understood for the first time the power of business to accelerate the Great Commandment. I knew empirically and from experience that charity alone cannot eliminate extreme poverty; it's a critical piece of the puzzle, but insufficient on its own. That moment in Guatemala crystallized for me the desire to devote my life to serving the poor with sustainable, finance-driven solutions: not just to make the poor a little less poor but to partner with God in His work of redeeming the world and spreading the hope of the gospel.

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Collateral Good: How One Honduran Business is Catalyzing Growth for the Region

Winding along dirt roads South of San Pedro Sula for two hours gave us plenty of time to talk. As we drove, Pete pointed out the truck window at the rows of young coffee, yucca, and pineapple. "All those fields are new. The first time I came out here [on a five hour donkey ride] there was nothing in these hills. Can you guess why that changed?"

Drought ended? Drug cartels stopped fighting in the region? Some nonprofit moved in with an agriculture program? 

No, no, and no. 

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Impact Investments Explained by Our 9 & 10 Year Olds

Over five days, we took 24 people to see eight projects in two countries. It was a bit of a whirlwind, so I recruited some help to describe what we saw: Jackson Johns, age 10 and Andy Minnich, age 9. I figured if two young boys can explain these social businesses, nearly anyone can understand. Certainly, these businesses are robust enough that we could write MBA case studies on each of them, but hopefully the simple explanation can help paint a quick picture of impact investing and spark your imagination.

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Resources Only Go as Far as Vision Takes Us

As investors and philanthropists, we seek to change the world for the better. Sometimes, we are the ones most changed. In this guest blog Robert Kim of The Caprock Group shares his first-hand observations of the refugee crisis in Greece and how that has influenced how he thinks about impact investing.

My wife and I visited three refugee centers (located in an empty airport, school building, and a community of container homes) and volunteered at various ministries that were faithfully serving refugees and sharing the gospel. 

As I reflect on our journey, I'm aware of three constant themes: brokenness, faithfulness, and hope.

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