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Three Trends in Impact Investing in 2018

Impact Foundation exists to invest charitable capital for economic, social, and spiritual transformation, our version of impact investing. It's the next iteration of philanthropy because innovative foundations and givers have recognized that all enterprises, not just charities, can produce both social and financial results on a spectrum from positive to negative. While we whole-heartedly believe impact investing is here for the long run, not everyone lives every day in this world. That's why we bring you this summary of the most important conversations in impact investing. 

If you're new to the conversation and just wondering what the words mean, check out the FAQs and Resources and on our website.

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Investment Criteria 3: Structure and Governance

Who doesn't love to read a good legal document? Want to curl up by the fire with a long operating agreement and private placement memorandum? 

If reviewing risk disclosures and considering the finer points of unrelated business income tax do not sound enjoyable to you, then take heart. You can rest easy knowing these are the kinds of things Impact Foundation vets for each investment and you don't have to. 

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Investment Criteria: Overview

Impact Foundation provides a streamlined way to invest charitable capital in businesses that seek profit with purpose.

Streamlined does not always mean easy, but hopefully we deliver on our goal of absorbing the complexity for the donor-investors we serve while providing great enterprises with the investment capital they need in a timely manner.

We vet potential investments in three broad categories: financial return, alignment with our charitable purpose, and...

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35 Players in the Impact Investing Industry

From officially being coined as a term in 2006 to being named as Forbes' top trend in philanthropy for 2015 and 2016, impact investing is enjoying rapid growth. Philanthropy is changing quickly with donors increasingly looking to invest charitable capital in companies and charities that pursue impact alongside financial profit. Even Bain Capital recently announced an impact investing fund.

With so many organizations in on the action, it can create confusion for those just venturing into the conversation. This blog attempts to explain the landscape and offer a survey of many of the organizations involved in impact investing (not an exhaustive list, but a start). 

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