Welcoming Steve Doerr, Chief Operating Officer

We are excited to welcome Steve Doerr to the team. He recently retired as an executive at ExxonMobil after more than 27 years. As Chief Operating Officer, Steve will help us shore up Impact Foundation's infrastructure and position us for the next phases of growth. 

Steve has extensive experience managing diverse global portfolios and has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as the US.

At Impact Foundation, Steve will continue to develop and improve our operational structure and services for increased efficiency and excellence. This hire comes at an opportune time in our growth. Steve has the experience and skills to round out the leadership team and enable us to reach to new levels.

Steve and his wife Kim have two grown children and recently moved to Kansas City to be closer to family and friends.  Before doing so, he and his son recently traveled around the world and took time together to coach and advise several businesses in the Middle East and Asia. 

Steve can be reached at Steve [at] impactfoundation.org