Adding a revenue generating business to an existing charity can be a great way to accelerate impact and grow sustainability. Prior to launching Impact Foundation, we consulted with dozens of charities to help them through all phases of launch and growth. The lessons and observations from these consulting engagements have become a book called “The Profitable Charity” published February, 2016. 

The Book

Donors and nonprofit leaders are hungry for better ways to accomplish the change they seek. 

Enter Charity Enterprise, which brings the power to build revenue and accelerate your organization’s impact. The Profitable Charity book provides the tools you need to get started. You’ll learn:

·       Why traditional charity cannot be the only solution to human suffering

·       Why changing donor demographics are making fundraising harder, necessitating a change in how charities fund their mission

·       What Charity Enterprise is, and is not

·       How to create sustainable revenue in a charity or nonprofit context

·       How others are impacting communities with Ministry Enterprise

Read the success stories and get expert advise to start and grow a Charity Enterprise to accelerate your impact.  

About the Author

Aimee Minnich was formerly President and General Counsel of National Christian Foundation – Heartland, a $1 Billion foundation and pioneer in the Charity Enterprise space. Aimee left NCF to start Impact Foundation to facilitate charitable investments in Charity Enterprises and other impact companies. She and her husband Marshall have three adorable, high-energy kids.