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Visit Impact Marketplace to discover vetted companies that are bringing true hope and transformation plus life-restoring jobs to tens of thousands of people. They create economic engines to let people  feed themselves, send their kids to school, and to be redeemed from slavery . . . but these enterprises need access to finance to grow. 



Learn about a few of the companies in which we've previously invested


Poverty, Impact-first

Piece & Co's extensive, seasonal collections marry sustainable fibers with heritage techniques.

The unique supply chain is brought to life through our partnerships. The Piece and Co.'s global artisan network has created textiles and products for brands such as NIKE,  Banana Republic, Mara Hoffman, Tome, Wholefoods and Tory Burch, while partnering with premiere retailers such as Nordstrom and Shopbop.

Evangelism/discipleship, impact-first

Lionheart Children’s Academy is a powerful vision to take leadership of the child care industry for the advance of the Gospel. They partner with local churches to launch and operate academies in existing church facilities, offering full-time preschool, after school, and summer programs for ages birth to 12 years. 

Lionheart runs the academies - providing operational and educational excellence on par with the best secular providers - while partnering with the church to be highly intentional in spiritual development with the children and outreach to their parents. 



Widows/orphans, evangelism/discipleship, Finance-First

Omega Communities builds senior living centers and partners with qualifying, impactful churches to create an environment that benefits the entire community and promotes wealth and inter-generational relationships.

As baby boomers and their parents age, it is putting stress on the market for affordable senior living centers and memory care facilities. This has resulted in rising costs and fewer services being offered to residents. Omega seeks to overcome this trend through its partnerships with local churches that will come in to meet many of the softer, relational and community needs of residents.

Revelant logo2.png

Energy, finance-first

Revelant sells an oil well tool that stabilizes production, reduces operating expenses, and protects the environment. It helps create a more efficient well, allowing wells to come online that were previously considered too inefficient to operate.

In addition to Revelant's goal of making oil production cleaner and more friendly to the environment, Revelant also seeks to revitalize communities hampered by oils' boom and bust cycles. 



Generosity, finance-first

Co.tribute is redefining corporate philanthropy, as it seeks to inspire businesses and employees in a tangible way. They provide enterprise software to manage corporate giving, volunteering, and strategic impact storytelling. The platform has been built with motivation science in mind, so that it can effectively help companies achieve strong business benefits.

In addition to employee motivation, they also focus on making the world a better place. Co.tribute partners with a variety of different non-profits doing life-changing work around the globe.

Redemptive business, finance-first

Founded by the former CEO of Convene, SimplyWin is an enterprise software solution to cultivate high performance in every department and at every level of the company. 

In addition to being an investor, Impact Foundation is also a customer and we have loved how SimplyWin makes it easy for us to align the team around shared goals and track our progress in real time.



Poverty, finance-first


1K1V uses the best of what private equity investment has to offer with the Intellectual Capital, Relational Capital and Financial Capital—or Three-Dimensional Capital—of industry-leading family offices from around the globe.

1K1V invests in companies headquartered in, or with significant operations in Sub-Saharan Africa’s “rising markets”—those regions where our Three-Dimensional Capital can be leveraged in high-growth economies with the requisite socio-political stability. 1K1V focuses on those industries benefiting most from Africa’s rising middle class such as consumer/retail, agribusiness, logistics/distribution and manufacturing. 

redemptive business, finance-first

Sovereign’s Capital invests in growth-stage companies operating in expanding markets, with $500 thousand to $10 million in revenue. In addition to a clear path to profitability and exit, they are most interested in investing in excellent, values-driven management teams motivated by visions that go beyond outsized financial returns.

Focusing primarily in the U.S., Sovereign’s Capital also invests in Southeast Asia, where 2 billion consumers will join the middle class over the next decade. They provide unique access for Southeast Asian companies targeting U.S. channels to market, and can provide market insights and relationships for our portfolio companies across the U.S. and in Indonesia.



freedom, poverty, impact-first

The Skipping Stone sells products that brings freedom to those seeking a new life from human trafficking and extreme poverty. 

The Skipping Stone connects socially aware consumers in the US with goods manufactured by women freed from sex trafficking in Northern India. Its three objectives are to: 1) free 2000 women from the sex-trafficking industry in the next 10 years and train them to deliver handcrafted bags, pottery, scarves, leather journals, and jewelry; 2) Create $8M in sales by 2026 and donate 20% of the profit to charitable causes with a self-sustainable model; and 3) Establish key relationships to further the fight against human trafficking.

Healthcare, finance-first

Standard Cyborg is a San Francisco-based software company that is reinventing the way custom devices are made. Its Design Studio software enables the accurate, fast, and replicable creation of custom medical devices. Its beachhead market is prosthetics and orthotics. The company uses 3D scanning, proprietary 3D modeling software, and 3D printing to replace the 100-year-old, completely manual design and fabrication process with a digital, soon-to-be automated one



Poverty, Impact-first

The Sunshine group’s mission is to transform the lives of the poor and orphaned in Africa through the development of a profitable cashew processing and distribution business that delivers exploited local growers a fair market for their product.

Beyond fair sourcing and manufacturing in-county, Sunshine Nuts' leadership is committed to giving 90% of his distributed profits back to the poor and orphaned through initiatives designed to permanently transform the lives of people directly and indirectly employed by Sunshine. 

Poverty, freedom, impact-first

As the name implies, Dignity Coconuts processes and sells high-quality raw coconut oil. Dignity’s mission, to restore dignity to the poor and enslaved, is baked into the operation of all aspects of the Dignity Coconuts business - from the selection of a location in an undeveloped community in the Philippines, to the faith led approach to marketing reflect the Dignity teams missional approach to business



evangelism/discipleship, impact-First

Carpenter's Code, which makes the Abide prayer app, aims to disciple the nations through Christ-centered technologies. They’ve started with Abide, a mobile app for praying together. In addition to allowing people to speak prayers and send them to friends, the app also offers guided, spoken prayer in several themes: freedom from depression, insomnia, becoming more like Jesus, talking to hurting friends, celebrating recovery, and others

The heart and mission of the company could have allowed Carpenters to organize as a charity and raise money in the form of donations. However, the founders realized that competing with Angry Birds, Snapchat, and Instagram requires more marketing funding than most nonprofits could raise (or stomach). And while the company is structured as a for-profit, most investors see their decision to get involved as primarily impact-driven. 

evangelism/discipleship, impact-first

The latest film from Erwin Brothers Entertainment, I Can Imagine, tells a compelling story with strong Gospel narratives. 

Millions of people worldwide know and love the song, but few know the extraordinary story of how the song came to be. At its heart, Imagine is a story of hope and reconciliation between a father and son. As Bart Millard, lead singer of Mercy Me and writer of the blockbuster song says, “I know God is real because of the change I saw in my dad. I watched a monster become my best friend and the man I wanted to become.” It was this change and restoration, which occurred as his father Arthur was diagnosed with terminal cancer, that would become the inspiration to a song destined to bring hope to millions. As he lost his father, Bart channeled his hurt and pain into the lyrics and melody of Imagine.



Areas of Impact

In our first 18 months, we have placed more than $30Million in 50+ Impact Companies. Those investments are aimed at improving lives and communities in a wide variety of ways. 



What is "redemptive business"?

Expanding on traditional Evangelism/Discipleship, the idea of Redemptive Business borrows heavily from Praxis Labs’ concept of a “redemptive entrepreneur”, or one who seeks to embody the gospel in creating and building a venture that leaves a meaningful impact on the world. As David Blanchard has said, “We see a thrilling opportunity for entrepreneurs to be winsome witnesses, creatively demonstrating their faith by being part of the solution. This is the body of Christ at its best, loving our neighbors through the works of our hands.” Businesses built by these kinds of entrepreneurs engage, where appropriate, in “evangelism” as traditionally defined – presenting the four spiritual laws and the pathway to eternal salvation – and go beyond that to live out the Gospel through the products and services they provide and the way they conduct business.  Thus, a Redemptive Business is an enterprise committed to reforming or transforming the lives of its employees, vendors, customers, and its community in line with Biblical principles and Kingdom values.

Because this definition is squishy, we look to the following characteristics to determine if a business aligns with our purposes:

  • Pays fair compensation
  • Provides value (quality service/goods at fair prices)
  • Stands against corruption
  • Satisfied, repeat customers
  • Pays bills on time
  • Basic environmental stewardship practiced
  • CEO or other senior leader(s) regularly participates in spiritual disciplines

Seat King, a company founded by Pete Ochs, manufactures bus seats inside a maximum security prison in central Kansas. Watch the video and see Redemptive Business at work.

As the company does not produce a product with obvious spiritual significance, we must look deeper to understand how Seat King operates as a kingdom company. First, Pete pays more than minimum wage, whereas inmates would make only 45 cents per day in a traditional prison job. The state takes a percentage of their wages to help fund the prison—a social good. The men gain dignity as their work takes on meaning and their higher wages allow them to support their families and save for life after prison. More significantly, Pete and his management team spend time teaching the men leadership skills, lessons on how to be a better husband and father, and even start bible studies and discipleship groups in the prison. The life change in these men is profound and inspiring as seen in their own personal testimonies as well as reduced violence inside the prison and lower recidivism upon release.