Bob is pleased to serve as a Global Fellow with Impact Foundation, bringing years of experience in private capital, international business, entrepreneurship as well as missions advocacy.  He has a strong network of missions and business professionals globally that he works with to build Kingdom businesses, which create jobs in lesser developed countries while also shining the light of Christ. 

Bob & Mary have together served in ISM for 15 years, starting by playing soccer (or “football”) with internationals from all over the world at K-State, and then mostly focusing in on Chinese graduate students and post-docs with a weekly Bible study.  Bob says he has experienced “no greater joy” than sharing Scripture with Chinese students who come from a Buddhist-Communist-Atheist-type background, and yet so often accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Follow the link below to make your contribution. National Christian Foundation Heartland provides the fabulous service of receiving donations and providing receipts.