Instead of investing in public stock so the profits can accumulate to be given away later, innovative Christian givers are looking to invest in companies that do both – earn money and accomplish kingdom good. Impact Foundation makes it easy for you to invest charitable assets in companies or charities that advance an important social purpose while earning a profit. 

Entrepreneurial donors find investment freedom and compounding impact with their charitable capital through a new tool called an Impact Fund. 

Typical Donor/Investors  

  • Found success in business and have an eye for the wealth creation opportunities presented by impact investing
  • Desire to blend the best of charity with the best of business
  • Have charitable assets in a private foundation or donor advised fund and want to maximize their impact
  • Possess time horizon and risk tolerance typical of private investors

Benefits of impact investing with charitable assets

  • 40% Headstart Get 40% (some states 50%) of your capital back right away in the form of a charitable tax deduction
  • Investment Freedom - select the deals that align with your goals
  • Compounding Impact - Investing in an impact company accomplishes kingdom good plus returns fuel future giving
  • Cutting edge - the #1 trend in philanthropy for 2015 and 2016

Aimee Minnich explains how Impact Foundation works to the audience at The Gathering.

impact investing - putting capital to work in businesses and charities that seek a measurable social, environmental and/or spiritual gain alongside financial return