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As we invest to create economic, social, and spiritual transformation, tracking performance across all three areas is critical. Rather than create a rigid, one-size-fits-all methodology, we offer several suggestions that each company can tailor to fit their own culture and goals. The most common measures job creation, women and girls redeemed from trafficking and employed in life-giving enterprises, students educated, numbers of families served with things like potable water, families fed, and increase in income per capita. On the spiritual dimension, some organizations will track people involved in bible studies, church attendance, or involved in giving. Over time we will help the companies develop and share ways in which they determine meaningful progress in these economic, social and spiritual metrics.


To put it simply, the companies we invest in put love into action, as Jesus instructs in the Great Commandment. David Blanchard of Praxis Labs explains it well: “We see a thrilling opportunity for entrepreneurs to be winsome witnesses, creatively demonstrating their faith by being part of the solution. This is the body of Christ at its best, loving our neighbors through the works of our hands.” Some businesses may also engage in “evangelism” as traditionally defined – pursuing the Great Commission of making disciples through the ways in which their leadership teams live their lives.


National Christian Foundation and Impact Foundation are separate organizations, each with their own boards, leadership teams, and unique charitable mandates. The two organizations operate independently to serve generous people who want to make a difference in the world. Impact Foundation is a sister of NCF to provide a streamlined way for givers to invest charitable capital in social enterprises. 

With founders who served in leadership roles with NCF, Impact Foundation has at its core NCF's message of generosity and stewardship. To read more about our history, please see this page.

what allows you to do this when others can't or won't?

Our small staff size and focused investment process allows us to move much more quickly than older, more established foundations. This speed is key when making venture capital and private equity investments. Plus, the IRS has granted us tax exempt status specifically to focus on investing for impact. Finally, we have adopted an Investment Policy Statement custom-tailored to support impact investing. Read it yourself if you'd like (it's kind of long, but it spells out our philosophy and practice of investing): Investment Policy Statement

describe your minimums and fees

Our minimum investment is $100,000. To fuel our ministry, Impact Foundation collects a fee of 1.5% annually on investments less than $5m (1% over $5m). 

are you a charity or a business?

Yes. We are a Georgia nonprofit corporation. And we recognized as tax exempt under 501(c)(3) - that means donors are eligible for a tax deduction when they contribute money to us. While complying with all the state and federal rules for charities, we view ourselves as a business. That means we have a revenue model and employ business disciplines customary of our for-profit peers. 

Are there rules for how i can use  impact account? 

You can read about  how we govern Impact Accounts in the Program Guidelines.