What Makes an Impact Company?

Each company or charity that we invest with goes through a rigorous selection process to determine whether the company has a social, environmental, or other Kingdom-advancing purpose in line with Impact Foundation's mission. Specifically, we want to see that the company has the following: 

1) Impact alignment -  the company is intentionally seeking positive social, spiritual, and/or environmental impact that aligns with, and furthers, our charitable purpose.

2) Measurements that matter - the company knows what activities contribute importantly to the financial and social outcomes it seeks. It has developed a set of metrics to monitor those activities and the outcomes it seeks and has implemented mechanisms for measuring and reporting those metrics.

3) Supportive governance -  the company has built into its governance documents certain provisions to protect the primacy of its social purpose.

4) Innovative approach - the company’s activities build upon what already exists to create an innovative product, process, or business model. They're not duplicating what's already being offered in the market.

5) Scalable design  – the output (products or services) of the social venture should be able to grow to reach a level that is significant relative to the level of need and size of the target population.

6) Faith/mission supportive - the company has one or more of the following: faith-informed approaches to solving consumer/customer needs and/or faith-driven leadership.

**This list does not include the financial framework that we apply. And please remember that we're not investment managers and do not give investment advice.