Entrepreneurial donors find investment freedom and compounding impact with their charitable capital through a new type of donor advised fund called an Impact Fund. 

1. Contribute Money or make a grant from an existing foundation or donor advised funds. Impact Foundation is a charity, so contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

2. Choose or Recommend an Investment. Impact Foundation will vet the opportunity for impact and potential return, execute the paperwork, and capitalize the investment from the donor’s Impact Fund receiving a note or equity in return.

3. Grow your Giving. Dividends and distributions return to the donor’s Impact Fund for further investment or for charitable giving, doubling the impact from the same dollars.

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Benefits of an Impact Fund

  • 40% Headstart Get 40% (some states 50%) of your capital back right away in the form of a charitable tax deduction
  • Investment Freedom - select the deals that align with your goals
  • Compounding Impact - Investing in an impact company accomplishes kingdom good plus returns fuel future giving
  • Cutting edge - the #1 trend in philanthropy for 2015 and 2016

Typical Donor/Investors  

  • Found success in business and have an eye for the wealth creation opportunities presented by impact investing
  • Desire to blend the best of charity with the best of business
  • Have charitable assets in a private foundation or donor advised fund and want to maximize their impact
  • Possess time horizon and risk tolerance typical of private investors

Program Guidelines

You can find a lot more detail about Impact Funds in our Program Guidelines, available online HERE.