what is kingdom impact investing

Each of the components of this definition deserves attention. First, the idea that we are intentionally placing capital means that Kingdom Impact Investing goes beyond negative screens. This includes biblically or socially responsible investing, where one avoids placing money in “sin stocks” like gambling or in companies that are known environmental polluters. Next, measurement needs to play a key role in assessing impact. When it does, we will better understand whether individual investments, as well as the Kingdom Impact Investing marketplace overall, lives up to expectations. Finally, financial return must be present in an investment portfolio, although individual performance may vary - from risk-adjusted market rate returns to simple return of capital, as the chart below explains.

Read more in our Kingdom Impact Investing white paper. 

Without a common and clear definition, Kingdom Impact Investing will struggle to gain traction. Thus we back up to reiterate and examine the concept. Kingdom Impact Investing means 

intentionally placing capital to achieve a measurable social/environmental and spiritual gain alongside financial return

All enterprises, regardless of tax status, can produce both social and financial results on a spectrum from positive to negative. Therefore, these investments can be in nonprofits, private companies, venture funds, or private equity funds, and may be structured as debt, equity, or a blend of the two.

The Global Impact Investors Network -  https://thegiin.org/impact-investing/need-to-know/#s2

The Global Impact Investors Network - https://thegiin.org/impact-investing/need-to-know/#s2