investing charitable capital

to create economic, social, &

Spiritual transformation


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Business and philanthropy are changing.

Innovative donors are looking to invest their donor advised funds and private foundations in companies that earn money and accomplish kingdom good, instead of investing in public stock so the profits can accumulate to be given away in the future.

It's called impact investing and Forbes has named it the #1 trend in philanthropy for the last two years.

Impact Foundation's special tax exempt status allows it to provide a new kind of donor advised fund built just for impact investing - and the future of philanthropy.

Impact Foundation exists to bring Kingdom Impact Investing to donor/investors who desire to change the world through business while also earning a return on their charitable capital.


Put more charitable capital to work for good.

40% Headstart

Get 40% - and up to 50% in some states - of your capital back right away in the form of a charitable tax deduction

Investment Freedom

select the deals that align with your goals

Compounding Impact

Investing in an impact company accomplishes kingdom good plus returns fuel future giving

At Impact Foundation, we serve a uniquely innovative group with tremendous passion to use their wealth to transform the world for Christ. Having made money in business and capped their own personal net worth so they can give more away, these families are seeking the most powerful ways to make a difference. They demanded a streamlined way to invest (not just grant) charitable capital in businesses that make money and advance the Kingdom of God leading to the start a new kind of donor advised fund - called an Impact Account - at Impact Foundation.


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Entrepreneurial donors find investment freedom and compounding impact with their charitable capital through a new type of donor advised fund called an Impact Account.

How it works

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How to Send Money to Your impact account

  • Wire - See wire instructions here

  • Send a Check - Impact Foundation, PO Box 25277, Overland Park, KS 66225 (checks can take 7-10 days. if your investment is time sensitive, please use wire transfer)

  • Grant from an existing DAF - As a 501(c)(3), we are eligible to receive grants from Fidelity Charitable, Schwaab, or National Christian Foundation. When logged into your DAF account, search for Impact Investing Charitable Foundation with the PO Box address or wire instructions above.

Impact Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so donations to us are tax-deductible as much as the law allows. 



“We invest for compounding impact - lives and communities benefitted through the companies we invest in, plus financial returns that fuel additional grants and investments.”

Greg Lernihan  |  MIGMIR Family foundation

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