What allows you to do this when others can't or won't? 

Our small staff size and focused investment process allows us to move much more quickly than older, more established foundations. This speed is key when making venture capital and private equity investments. Plus, the IRS has granted us tax exempt status specifically to focus on investing for impact. Finally, we have adopted an Investment Policy Statement custom-tailored to support impact investing. Read it yourself if you'd like (it's kind of long, but it spells out our philosophy and practice of investing): Investment Policy Statement

Impact Foundation is breaking new ground in the faith-based charitable space. We do not want to replicate the excellent work being done by other foundations in the arenas of complex gift intake and traditional granting. Rather, we focus on investing charitable resources for greater impact – something other charities are reluctant to tackle. Our mission, structure, and processes allow us to do well what other foundations see as too complex. 

Is a new foundation really needed?

Describe your minimums and fees

Our minimum for most investment types is $100,000. Our board will consider lower amounts where there is a high degree of missional alignment. To fuel our ministry, Impact Foundation collects a fee of 1.5% annually on investments less than $5m (1% over $5m). 

Are you a charity or a business?

Yes. We are a Georgia nonprofit corporation. And we recognized as tax exempt under 501(c)(3) - that means donors are eligible for a tax deduction when they contribute money to us. While complying with all the state and federal rules for charities, we view ourselves as a business. That means we have a revenue model and employ business disciplines customary of our for-profit peers. 

Each company or charity that we invest with goes through a rigorous selection process to determine whether the company has a social, environmental, or other Kingdom-advancing purpose in line with Impact Foundation's mission. Specifically, we want to see that the company has the following: 

1) Impact alignment -  the company is intentionally seeking positive social, spiritual, and/or environmental impact that aligns with, and furthers, our charitable purpose.

2) Measurements that matter - the company knows what activities contribute importantly to the financial and social outcomes it seeks. It has developed a set of metrics to monitor those activities and the outcomes it seeks and has implemented mechanisms for measuring and reporting those metrics.

3) Supportive governance -  the company has built into its governance documents certain provisions to protect the primacy of its social purpose.

4) Innovative approach - the company’s activities build upon what already exists to create an innovative product, process, or business model. They're not duplicating what's already being offered in the market.

5) Scalable design  – the output (products or services) of the social venture should be able to grow to reach a level that is significant relative to the level of need and size of the target population.

6) Faith/mission supportive - the company has one or more of the following: faith-informed approaches to solving consumer/customer needs and/or faith-driven leadership.

**This list does not include the financial framework that we apply. And please remember that we're not investment managers and do not give investment advice.

What Makes an Impact Company?

We welcome direct gifts of cash and grants from a DAF or private foundation.  Publicly traded securities and other appreciated assets can be liquidated through our friend, the National Christian Foundation, and then granted to us.


  • Receiving Bank: CrossFirst Bank, 4707 W. 135th Street, Leawood, Kansas 66224
  • Receiving Bank ABA: 1010-1528-2
  • Beneficiary Name: Impact Investing Charitable Foundation (for Impact Foundation)
  • Beneficiary Acct Number: 0201623493

Mail a paper check to:

Impact Foundation PO Box 25277, Overland Park, KS 66225-5277 Indicate your fund number or name on the memo line, please.

Grant from your NCF Giving Fund or other donor advised fund. Impact Foundation has been vetted and approved by NCF so you should find it when you search for a new charity. 

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