Upcoming Event: The Lion's Den Event in Birmingham

For those looking to meet like-minded investors and business owners or learn more about what God is doing in faith-driven entrepreneurial ventures, The Lion’s Den event in Birmingham is the place to be.

The Lion’s Den exists to “Inspire, Educate and Mobilize” people to invest their time, talents, and other resources in the Kingdom through “Business as Mission.” 2018’s event had more than 300 attendees from 10 countries, 83 cities, and 25 states. Held October 9-10 in Birmingham, Alabama at Samford University, the Lion’s Den Event is really two events in one.

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Upcoming Business as Missions Conference near San Jose

Join me and hundreds of like-minded peers for the 8th annual Business as Mission Conference. It promises to be the most comprehensive global gathering of business people, mission agencies, churches, academics, and students who thrive at the convergence of business and missions. Meet the people behind the success stories that will inspire, encourage, and motivate you. Learn what God is doing in business & missions, and where you fit.

You don’t want to miss it! They offer flexible ticket options so you can attend for the entire weekend or just one day.

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The BasicsAimee MinnichComment
The Power of Investment Gleaning

We want to move up and to the right — that’s success, right? More profit, more impact. And often that’s the line that secular impact investing keeps feeding us. A major study by the Global Impact Investing Network suggests there’s no trade-off between profit and impact. Does that need to be our definition of success too? Or does our faith compel us to a different standard?

If we want to make a dent in global poverty through our investments, we must become more familiar with this ancient practice.

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Reflections on Advent Through the Eyes of an Immigrant

Melody Murray, co-founder of Joy Corps and JOYN Bags and recent immigrant from the US to Southeast Asia, shares her perspective on being a foreigner and the promise of Advent.

This Christmas season, I have been remembering that Jesus felt all these things too. He was born into a condition of homelessness. He spent part of his childhood as a refugee in a foreign country and his adulthood with “no place to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20).

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LLC, S Corporation, L3C, Benefit Corporation?

Every profession has its hazards. For mine, it’s lawyer jokes and requests for free legal advice.
This blog contains neither, but it will provide a little education on the basic forms of corporations so you’ll sound smart when you call your own counsel.

Some states offer a larger array of options; this blog discusses the most popular entity choices including corporations, LLC, low-profit limited liability companies (L3Cs), and benefit corporations.

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