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Olive Tree Investments and Impact Foundation Join Forces

Some of our more devoted followers may have noticed that some months ago Impact Foundation and Olive Tree Investments joined forces. If you haven't noticed, or are confused by the combination, this blog is for you.

It’s a natural fit as both groups put charitable capital to work in enterprises that seek measurable social and kingdom transformation while earning money. Impact Foundation offers donors a flexible tool for charitable investment, while Olive Tree searches the globe for the best transformative businesses in emerging markets.

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Elevating a Country's GDP: Laos Agriventures

Sitting between Thailand and Vietnam, the country of Laos is marked by rugged mountains and one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world. This poverty fuels the two largest industries in the Golden Triangle (Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Myanmar): opium trade and human trafficking.

Jobs and the hope of the Gospel - they're needed here perhaps more than anywhere else. Fortunately, the Lao government has been implementing reforms meriting attention from US investors. For those interested in alleviating poverty through sustainable business, it's an attractive place. That it why Laos Agriventure got its start. 

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Collateral Good: How One Honduran Business is Catalyzing Growth for the Region

Winding along dirt roads South of San Pedro Sula for two hours gave us plenty of time to talk. As we drove, Pete pointed out the truck window at the rows of young coffee, yucca, and pineapple. "All those fields are new. The first time I came out here [on a five hour donkey ride] there was nothing in these hills. Can you guess why that changed?"

Drought ended? Drug cartels stopped fighting in the region? Some nonprofit moved in with an agriculture program? 

No, no, and no. 

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A Lost Order, Failed Customer Service, and the Future of Social Enterprise

I had a series of bad interactions with a Charity Enterprise that I love. It's caused me to reflect on my own work and the social enterprise industry at large. I don't want to identify this company, but they're one of the dozens that sells consumer products that have been made by at risk populations - people for whom a job means they can avoid jail, trafficking, putting their children in orphanages, etc. 

To be fair, we all make mistakes. Every day. I'm not stellar at returning email and I can't remember names sometimes even my own kids. So the lessons I'm sharing in this blog are ones that I'm trying to take to heart for Impact Foundation. Maybe they'll help you as well.

Why does this matter?  The long-term viability of investing for impact is at stake. 

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Jibu: Investing in Local Owners to Drive Lasting Change

CategoryImpact-First, for-profit business

Area of work/impact: clean water, entrepreneurship in Africa

How to engagedonatefranchiseinvest* Learn more at

Jibu, a for-profit social enterprise, trains and finances African entrepreneurs to solve their communities' problems. With the heart to catalyze lasting change in Africa, the company is also returning profits for their investors and franchisees. 

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